These were taken the first week she got home (all 33 pounds of her).

Note the missing tooth.. we never did find out how she had it knocked out.
We had the other front one pulled not too long after this because it was damaged as well.

We took her to Build a Bear and she was a bit overwhelmed and didn't want to pick anything but after a bit of encouraging she ended up choosing the pink poodle and loving it.

Her first trip to Disneyland with 2 brothers, cousin, & Chip & Dale

This is at a Bar Mitzvah about a month after she got home.
She was so shy when we got there but she finally warmed up (obviously).

Emily liked to dress her up and take pictures:

Her first birthday cake:

And here we have before and after:
2004 (5 years old) & 2010 (11 years old).
Looking good!!

13 years old ~ 2012:

17 years old ~ 2016